Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dream Machine EP -- only $4

Dream Machine EP Download:

The Dream Machine EP (Prod. by Wanderlust Dream)

01 The Underworld Ft. The 7th Sun

02 Truth In Paradox Ft. Iron Lung

03 Take Me To Your Leader Ft. Sick Since, The 7th Sun & Destiny Lab

04 Truth Teachers Ft. The 7th Sun

05 Holding My Own Ft. The 7th Sun & Street Ghost

Monday, June 9, 2008

now playing: The Spirit Molecule

ordinary consciousness is created by seratonin
a very close relative of DMT
we have evolved a neurotransmitter
which has the effect of narrowing the focus of consciousness
to what is defined by the body as the here and now
the body is very fragile and sight-dependent
and must be protected from life-threatening things
but these pseudo neuro transmitters which are hallucinegens
have not been integrated into normal metabolism
because they dont serve the bodys need to protect itself
but they do serve an expansion of mental function
and it may be that these neuro transmitters are in the process of evolving
we normally metabolize these neuro transmitters normally
the pineal gland, whose function is mysterious, is doing a lot of chemistry that looks like
psychedelic chemistry.
its possible that literally when we take these triptamine hallucinigens
we are dressing up in the mental furniture of the distant future
that we are experiencing a state of consciousness toward which we are naturally evolving
and that over time and through natural selection these transmitters are making way
for a psychedelic compound...
something like imagination looks like a self-generated internal involvement with compounds
which at some point in the future might replace the compounds of ordinary metabolism
and shift our life literally into another dimension