Monday, December 31, 2007

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Monday, December 24, 2007

7th Sun Truth Teachers Video

Truth Teachers


The 7th Sun, an underground rapper from Corona, California, encourages us to seek truth for ourselves, offering a positive perspective in the midst of a largely cynical rap industry.

His new short video features music that I produced in Long Beach California, and video compiled by Oobe hailing from the Netherlands. This video also reminds us that the coming months and years are crucial to the crescendo of consciousness.

Using a rhyme scheme and a looping beat designed to get your head nodding in agreement, The 7th Sun breaks down the fact that we need leaders and revolutionaries to step up and start "convincing people to be free".

The 7th Sun's new album, The Awakening, is available now on

Image credit: Dream Machine Production

Dream Machine EP

The Dream Machine EP (Prod. by Wanderlust Dream)

01 The Underworld Ft. The 7th Sun
02 Truth In Paradox Ft. Iron Lung
03 Take Me To Your Leader Ft. Sick Since, The 7th Sun & Destiny Lab
04 Truth Teachers Ft. The 7th Sun
05 Holding My Own Ft. The 7th Sun & Street Ghost

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