Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photosynthesis Album: Free Download!

Our new SunDream album, Photosynthesis, is available for free download for a limited time. Click the image below for the download link.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Solar Power Mixtape

Much Love and Respect to everyone that collaborated and contributed to the Global Alliance Mixtape. And Special thanks to wanderlust Dream for everything. NEW MIXTAPE FT. PRODUCERS AND EMCEES FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Third Eye Video

From the SunDream Album.
Footage from the film Baraka.

The time has come to open up your third eye. Inner vision, waking life, it's the Universal Mind.

This video features music by wanderlust dream and The 7th Sun spliced with video footage from the AMAZING film "Baraka".

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summary of 2012 Prophecies

Usually, when I bring up 2012, people know about the Mayan Calendar, then find it easy to discount ONE culture's calculations, especially since Western culture sees past societies as inferior (a laughable argument anyway). Still, the most provocative fact for me has been the similar prophecies in many different belief systems pointing to this time we are living in.

Otomi Prophecy...When 8000 sacred drums play together, an intense hea ling of Mother Earth will commence.

Inca... Call it the 'Age of Meeting Ourselves Again'.

Hopi... Predict a 25 year period of purification followed by End of Fourth World and beginning of the Fifth.

Mayan... Call it the 'end days' or the end of time as we know it

Maori... Say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds.

Zulu... Believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.

Hindu... Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones.

Aztec... Call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation. Creation of new race.

Pueblo ... Acknowledge it'll be the emergence into the Fifth World

Cherokee... Their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 as does the Mayan calendar.

Tibetan... Kalachakra teachings are prophesies left by Buddha predicting Coming of the Golden Age.

Egypt ... According to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle ends in year 2012 AD

Dogon... Say that the spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star.

Sumerian... Return of the Annunaki and Nibiru (Planet X)
Anyone have some to add?
The list does go ON and ON.